Team PRP Goblin Unum LMT Chassis Kit

Team PRP Goblin Unum LMT Chassis Kit

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The Goblin Unum is the single motor version of our Goblin LMT chassis kit and uses the stock LMT gear box (gearbox NOT included). The LMT gear box can be pitched front to rear for precise weight bias changes.

A competition proven 2s* Pro Mod racer chassis conversion kit for the Losi LMT. The Goblin Unum is based on the original Team PRP Goblin chassis but uses the stock Losi LMT Gear box single motor setup only. The highly beneficial reposition of the battery down and to the side opposite the motor lowers the center of gravity and keeps your truck planted in the corners. This is a central core chassis conversion which uses your LMT outer chassis plates / shock towers or our Duo shock towers or our STL shock towers and the Goblin Unum is compatible with all Losi LMT kits. The Goblin uses the diff gear skid plate housing in the stock bottom location making it a very user friendly and easy to set up race kit capable of easily handling all surfaces.

Highlights: Light and stuff Carbon Fiber chassis. Low CG side mounted battery. Motor and gear box can be rotated fore or aft to fine tune weight bias. The electronics tray can be positioned front or rear and fore or aft in either position to further tune weight bias. Adjustable battery mounts and CNC machined aluminum Team PRP upper 4-links.

Photos show 2 different setups with our Duo shock towers and one with TLR Tuned towers.

Motor notes: The battery side chassis plate has sensor wire cutouts accommodating many 550 size sensored motors. With the adjustable battery retaining system you can move the battery further out to fit the longer motors. Some 550 motors may not fit. If you would like to know, please contact me and send me info on the motor you'd like to use and I'll try to determine if it will work. All 540's I have tested fit with no problem. The 550 size Spektrum brushless sensorless motor that comes with the LMT RTR will fit and the kit has been tested with the Tekin Pro 4 HD 550 motors.

• Requires the Losi LMT Digger truck, TLR Tuned LMT kit or Mega truck.
• Requires stock Losi LMT rod ends from your kit.
• Requires Shorty 2S Lipo battery.
• Requires outer chassis plates, i.e., the shock towers from your LMT or aftermarket or our DUO LMT shock towers or our upcoming STL shock towers.

There are 2 versions of this conversion kit:
• 1. RTR LMT 13.5" Wheelbase Conversion kit includes 70mm upper 4-links for the shorter 13.5" RTR Grave Digger/Son-Uva Digger/Roller wheelbase.
•2. TLR Tuned LMT/Mega Truck 15" Wheelbase Conversion Kit includes 90mm upper 4-links for the longer 15" Mega wheelbase.**

* Be sure to choose the kit that matches the truck you are converting from. The RTR Digger trucks and Roller are 13.5" wheelbase. The TLR Tuned and Mega trucks are 15" wheelbase. The Goblin Unum conversion kit uses most of the parts from your Losi LMT to complete the conversion.

** One of the special features I designed into this kit was the ability to use most of the stock and aftermarket LMT parts. For example: when using the TLR Tuned long trailing arms (lower links) you can use the 90.5mm 4-link bars from the stock Losi LMT RTR as your upper 4-links. And if you have Losi or aftermarket aluminum cross braces and sway bars, they should all bolt right in!

• 3mm thick carbon fiber chassis
• Electronics tray fully adjustable fore or aft, front or rear. Bolt patterns for Spektrum Firma ESC and Tekin RX8 ESC or use tape per usual.
• Carbon fiber battery mount for 2S shorty packs.
• Black aluminum battery strap standoffs.
• Black socket head hardware and locknuts.
• CNC Machined Aluminum upper links: 70mm upper links with RTR 13.5" conversion or 90mm upper links with TLR/Mega Truck 15" conversion.
• Link for PDF Instruction Manual

Check our shop for these great option parts to complete a "Full-Spec" Goblin! And don't forget to use the COMBO discount code on 2+ option parts!
• LMT DUO Shock Towers
• Titan CF Steering Linkage
• Titan 10º Caster Blocks
• Titan Caster Block Steering Limiter triple pack
• Carbon Fiber Servo Spacer
• FS Drag Link
• LMT Upper Link Cross Braces
• Rear Axle Weight Mounts

*Some 3s shorty packs might be able to fit if you use your hobby building skills.

Pricing and specifications subject to change while we continue to develop and advance our products.