Team PRP Servo Spacer

Team PRP Servo Spacer

2.5mm carbon fiber servo spacer. Universal fit for the majority of servos.

Losi LMT Notes This spacer can be mounted behind the servo on the LMT to push the servo forward 2.5mm to allow the steering drag link to attach to the back side of the servo saver arm. You will need to determine if your servo saver and drag link has enough space*. It's up to you to figure that out.

*The Treal LMT servo savers will work with this mounting method on the Losi LMT with our FS Drag link mounted behind the servo horn. Simply place a lock nut in the Treal HD servo saver as normal, place the rod end of your drag link over that locknut with a button head or flat head screw coming out from behind the arm/horn and then use a locknut on the outside face (front) of the servo saver arm/horn (see photo 2). If using a Reefs HD Servo Saver this spacer will perfectly push your servo away from the mounting tray allowing for the Reefs HD Saver to move freely. Then attach the drag link in front of the arm/horn as usual. You may need an additional washer or spacer behind the rod end if the rod end binds with the horn.

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