Team PRP Ogre Option Parts

$21.99 - $121.99
Team PRP Ogre Option Parts

Option parts for the Team PRP Ogre chassis kit. These parts DO NOT fit stock Losi LMT trucks. They are designed for the Ogre chassis only!

A. Short Shock Towers:
Short shock towers x4 (4 towers) designed for TLR 105mm shocks or similar size shocks such as some Traxxas shocks and the Gmade XD 103mm shocks, etc.

• Includes 3mm thick carbon fiber shock towers X4 for 105mm and similar size shocks.
• Limit strap mounting holes.
• No hardware included. Hardware comes from the Ogre kit.
• Pairs well with the body post mount extensions (C) info below.

B. Full length "Bear Hunter" Shock Towers:
Full length shock towers x4 (4 towers) designed for *shock to axle* with 130mm shocks or *Shock to trailing arm* with ~105mm shocks. These towers extend full length over the axles to meet NorCal racing rules. Extra body post holes and limit strap holes are built in.

• Includes 3mm thick carbon fiber full length shock towers which extend to the axles. This makes the truck legal in some organizations that require a "full length" long chassis.
• Black anodized aluminum 60mm crossmembers x2 with black socket head screws.
• Features several body post mounting locations (none are stock LMT locations).
• Multiple limit strap holes to fine tune droop settings.
• Uses hardware from your Ogre kit to mount to chassis.

C. Body Mount Extensions:
Carbon fiber body mount extensions x4 (4 mounts) to move body posts slightly further out away from center on the original tall shock towers or the short 105 shock towers and includes multiple limit strap mounting locations to fine tune chassis droop. We recommend Hot Racing 85-100mm lengths. Personally I have been running 85mm length all season. Limit straps not included. The body post mounts use the Losi 60mm x 12mm crossmember (or aftermarket) to attach to the chassis. You do not need these body mount extensions if you buy the full length bear hunter towers as the holes are already incorporated into the full length towers.

• 3mm thick carbon fiber body post extensions x4.
• Multiple limit strap mounting holes to fine tune droop settings.
• Includes black M3x14mm socket cap head screws x8.
• Includes black M2.5x10 socket flat head screws x4.
• Body mount extensions bolt through the chassis plate into the stock Losi crossmember or aftermarket crossmember.
• Assembly requires hardware from your Ogre kit.
• On-line Instructions sheet. Find it in the Support section of our shop.

D. Carbon Fiber Electronics Tray and Tray Mount:
Replace your G10 electronics tray assembly with a light weight Carbon Fiber Version.

• 2mm CF Electronics Tray
• 4mm CF Tray Mount

Combo deals:
Use the code COMBO to get a discount when you order 2 or more option parts!
For example, our Short Shock Towers "A" pair well with the Body Mount Extensions "C".

Pricing and specifications subject to change while we continue to develop and advance our products.