LMT FS drag link

LMT FS drag link

Team PRP FS "Flipped-Servo" drag link for the Losi LMT when using the stock steering linkage or our Team PRP Titan CF steering linkage. Will not work with some aftermarket steering linkages as they moved the stock mounting hole.

• M4 threaded steel rod
• M4 rod ends x2
• Center plastic spacer
• Comes unassembled
• 61mm eye-to-eye length when fully tightened with included spacer.

1. Rotate (flip) your servo so the output shaft is on the right side of the truck. This makes the space between the servo arm and the stock steering link mounting hole further apart reducing the sharp angles drag link.

2. Build the link: Slide center spacer onto the threaded rod and then thread the rod ends together at the same time onto threaded rod and fully tighten with rod ends rotated 90º from each other like in photo. Use your preferred method to thread the rod ends together. They will thread in deep and require high torque to fully install.

3. Make sure your servo is centered well and then mount the FS drag link to your truck as you would the stock drag link on the outside of the servo horn/servo saver or if your setup allows on the backside of the servo horn/servo saver. Adjust steering trim and EPAs on your radio to dial in your new steering setup.

4. Enjoy racing with Team PRP!

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Our FS Drag Link pairs well with:
• Titan CF Steering Linkage
• Servo Spacer
• Titan Caster Blocks

Can also be purchased as a combo with the Titan 10º Caster Blocks. Check the Caster Block shop page to order that combo.