LMT Rear Axle Weight Mount

$4.29 - $32.99
LMT Rear Axle Weight Mount

Add weight to the rear axle to help the rear static wheel load balance more closely with the very heavy front axle. Our mount uses the TRX4M Brass Boulder bar weights from Hobbypark. Boulder bars from Hobbypark are available on Amazon: https://a.co/d/7LM4T3y or may be purchased from Team PRP: see special Offer below.

The Hobbypark brass boulder bars weigh 31 grams and includes 2 per pack. Our LMT RAW mount perfectly accepts 2 stacked brass boulder bars for 62 grams plus the weight of the mounting kit for a total of 72grams added to the rear axle (Similar to the weight of the popular Reefs Raw 500 servo). This mount includes hardware for mounting 2 bars. If you want to add a third bar you may simply add your own spacers and longer screws to raise the mount to give space for the 3rd bar or order our mounting kit for attaching 3 bars.

• Carbon fiber mount with hardware for attaching 2 boulder bars (bars sold separately, link below).
• Included hardware: M3x8mm CH x2, M3x14mm CH x1, M3 Locknuts x2, M2.5x10mm CH x3, M2.5x16mm CH x2, M2.5 Locknuts x2

• Hobbypark boulder bars: https://a.co/d/7LM4T3y

• Hardware kit for adding a 3rd Boulder Bar (boulder bars sold separately). M3x12mm screw x2, M3x18mm screw x1, 4mm spacers x3, m2.5x16mm screw x1.

Special Offers
• May be ordered with HobbyPark Brass Boulder Bars directly from Team PRP.
• Blemished factory seconds are available at a discount. See the bottom of the "Select Variant" list when adding to cart.

Pricing and specifications subject to change while we continue to develop and advance our products.