Team PRP Titan CF Losi LMT Steering Linkage

Team PRP Titan CF Losi LMT Steering Linkage

Sold Out! Back order available. Expected shipping early August.

Team PRP's Titan steering link for the Losi LMT features 8mm of light and solid carbon fiber for complete control with 1 degree of toe out to improve racing performance.

• 3mm CF upper linkage
• 5mm CF lower linkage
• Black M3 socket cap head screws
• Black M3 lock nuts
• Black anodized aluminum drag link standoff

• Stock Losi length servo drag link or our Team PRP FS Drag Link.
• Stock Losi LMT flanged bushings. Treal and others may have different diameter bushings and cause slop.
• Option: May be used with our FS Drag Link. See it in our shop.

Approximate weight with included hardware: 32g
Approximate weight with a steel turnbuckle drag link: 38g
Approximate weight with stock LMT plastic drag link: 35g

Setup tips:
1. The stock plastic drag link setup works fine but if you flip the servo output to the right side of the truck and use our FS drag link the longer servo drag link reduces sharp angles. The drag link attaches to the steering linkage in the stock "left side" location.
2. Another tip is to space the servo 2.5mm forward and run the drag link on the back side of the servo horn. This straightens out the link at full throw. We have a carbon Servo Spacer available just for this purpose.

Install instructions are on the support page

Option Parts
Our Titan CF Steering Linkage pairs well with these other PRP products:
• FS Drag Link
• Servo Spacer
• Titan Caster Blocks
• And any LMT Chassis kit!