Team PRP Goblin LMT Chassis Conversion Kit

$215.99 - $237.99
Team PRP Goblin LMT Chassis Conversion Kit

Special order item. May take up to 1-2 weeks to process order before shipping.

IMPORTANT: The Goblin is the DUAL MOTOR chassis which requires a new idler gear. See Required parts below Please read entire page thoroughly. This is a precise kit for advanced hobbyists and racers with kit building knowledge.

The Goblin was designed to make a killing in Sport Mod class with a dual motor setup and it can also excel at the top levels of competition in Pro Mod and 2.2 classes with single motor setups too! A truly versatile 2S Lipo racing conversion kit!

The Goblin converts the center chassis of the Team Losi LMT monster truck or TLR Tuned LMT monster truck (or Mega trucks) to a lower CG side mounted shorty battery pack with the ability to position the motor mid front or mid rear to tune weight bias. The radio tray can also be positioned front or rear and fore or aft in either position to further tune weight bias. This kit was designed with the sport mod class in mind where you can run dual brushed forward spin motors side by side for increased power to make the LMT competitive in that dual spec motor class. However, I personally have won races in Pro Mod with a single brushless motor, qualified 0.1 seconds behind TQ at Worlds and finished in 3rd with a single 4600kv motor on 2s. The truck handles wonderfully as Pro mod, Sport mod, or any LMT setup!

Motor notes: The battery side chassis plate has sensor wire cutouts accommodating many 550 size sensored motors. With the adjustable battery retaining system you can move the battery further out to fit the longer motors. Some 550 motors may not fit. If you would like to know, please contact me and send me info on the motor you'd like to use and I'll try to determine if it will work. All 540's I have tested fit with no problem. The 550 size Spektrum brushless sensorless motor that comes with the LMT RTR will fit and it has been tested with the Tekin Pro 4 HD 550 motors.

This kit requires a new center idle gear which is listed below. The Goblin accommodates Mod 1 pinions on the motor of 11t up to 27t.

Wheelbase options are the same as any other Losi LMT as it uses the lower links and rod ends from your LMT kit with our aluminum upper links to match the new chassis upper link mount spacing. You can also further tune wheelbase by using different length rod ends of your choosing or swapping between Losi LMT TLR/mega/rtr mt parts.

The 3D printed gear cover is made with my low end home printer. It does not look perfect but it works well. There are higher quality gear covers available on our Shapeways Shop.

• 1. New Center Idle Gear: You may choose to buy the gear from us when choosing your variant. Hot Racing 34 tooth mod 1 pinion gear 5mm bore part# HRANSG34M1. MUST USE THIS GEAR ONLY for the new center idle gear. It replaces the stock Losi 25t idle gear. Buy on Horizon Hobby. Or ask your LHS or find it at many other online hobby shops.
• 2. RTR Losi LMT or TLR Tuned LMT kit. Has not been tested with the Mega Trucks yet but it should work well.
• 3. Requires Shorty 2S Lipo battery to fit in the side mounted location.

There are 4 variants of this conversion kit:
• RTR LMT13.5" Wheelbase Conversion kit includes 70mm upper 4-links for the shorter 13.5" RTR Grave Digger/Son-Uva Digger/Roller wheelbase.
• TLR Tuned LMT/Mega Truck 15" Wheelbase Conversion Kit includes 90mm upper 4-links for the longer 15" Mega wheelbase.**
• You can also choose to buy the kits with or without the new idler gear. Available as an option when you choose your variant.

* Be sure to choose the Goblin kit that matches the LMT you currently have or plan to convert from. This kit uses parts from the Losi LMT to complete the conversion.

** One of the special features I designed in this kit was the ability to use most of the stock and aftermarket LMT parts. For example: when using the TLR Tuned long trailing arms (lower links) you can use the 90.5mm 4-link bars from the stock Losi LMT RTR as your upper 4-links. And if you have aftermarket aluminum cross members and sway bars, they should all bolt right in!

• 3mm thick carbon Fiber center chassis plates x2.
• Carbon fiber gear plates x2.
• M5x13mm flanged bearings x2.
• M4x12mm flanged bearing.
• Radio tray fully adjustable fore or aft, front or rear. Bolt patterns for Spektrum Firma ESC and Tekin RX8 ESC or use tape per usual.
• Carbon fiber battery strap for 2S shorty packs.
• Carbon fiber motor spacers for spacing brushed motors.
• Black aluminum standoffs x14.
• Black socket head hardware and locknuts.
• 3D printed gear covers included with optional covers available on our Shapeways Shop
• 70mm Aluminum upper links with RTR 13.5" conversion or 90mm upper links with TLR/Mega Truck 15" conversion.*
• Pinion screw access port rubber plugs.
• QR Code for Instruction Manual - view manual pdf here

Goblin Unum single motor side plate for stock LMT gear box
LMT shock towers for Goblin kits and stock Losi LMT kits

* Be sure to choose the one that matches the truck you currently have as it requires parts from your Losi kit to complete the conversion. And make certain you buy the Hot Racing Mod 1 34t 5mm Bore Pinion Gear listed near the top of this page. The kit will NOT work without it and it must be that exact model which is 12mm wide.