Team PRP S1 Ogre LMT Chassis kit

Team PRP S1 Ogre LMT Chassis kit

Please read entire description thoroughly as this is a precise conversion kit with a lot of details. It is recommended for advanced hobbyists and racers that know how to build kits.

The Team PRP Ogre chassis kit for the Losi LMT is designed to directly convert the 13.5" wheelbase kits; RTR Grave Digger/RTR Son UvaDigger/original Roller. The Ogre is designed to rip up the track in Pro Mod monster truck racing with it's race-proven, low CG competitive design! Or throw on 2.2 wheels and tires to compete in the 2.2 driveshaft class.

With the inverted transmission and the lowest center of gravity with the motor and battery on the bottom of the chassis, this LMT conversion kit is proven in competition and hard to beat! The chassis layout accommodates many LMT aftermarket parts such as the aluminum cross braces and utilizes a modular design with the ability to change shock towers for use with LMT 130mm shocks or short TLR Tuned 105mm shocks. Short shock towers for TLR Tuned 105mm and similar size shocks are available as an option in our shop.

All new 10º Titan CNC Machined Aluminum Caster Blocks are included and smooth out initial steering and aligns to the new axle and drive-shaft angle for the inverted transmission design. Team PRP's Titan caster blocks also include carbon fiber steering stops with steering stop angle option parts available in the shop. NOTE: Titan Caster Blocks are a direct fit on stock Losi LMT Axles but will need to be modified to fit aftermarket aluminum axles. View more info about the Caster Blocks here.

The Ogre comes with battery mounting for 2S shorty packs. 3S shorty packs under 27mm high, such as the Tekin 3S Lipo Power Cell and standard full length 2S Lipo packs will fit with optional battery strap standoffs available separately.

• Losi LMT Grave Digger RTR, Son UvaDigger RTR or original Roller kit which are all 13.5" wheelbase: You will need to use most of the parts that came with your original kit: The long shocks, stock Losi LMT rod ends, drive shafts, cross braces, axles, transmission, sway bars, body posts, which all come from your Losi LMT kit.
• 2S Lipo Shorty battery packs fit standard. 27x48x97mm mounting dimensions are stock. Full length 2S batteries will fit with the use of longer standoffs which will be available from us soon. If you use longer battery strap standoffs 3S Lipo shorty packs under 27mm tall will fit as well. Such as the 3S Shorty Power Cell from Tekin. I used this 3S Tekin pack at Worlds with a Tekin 3500kv HD Pro 4 motor and it was crazy fast! For local racing and probably most of the other races we go to the team will be using Tekin 2S LiHV and Tekin Pro 4 4300 HD or Tekin Pro 4 4600kv motors.
• Limit straps of 85mm long are highly recommended or risk pulling the driveshaft out too far if you run a setup with more droop/down travel and the limit straps also protect the shock ends from pulling out. Limit strap mounting has tuning options with multiple attachment points to fine tune front and rear droop. 90mm, 95mm and 100mm limit straps can also be used with the new Body Mount Extension Plates. The chassis design does allow full shock length without straps with the exact stock 130mm Losi shocks and if using the optional short towers the exact TLR Tuned 105 shocks. Without straps Other shocks will need to be carefully tuned to your setup or risk drive shaft failure.
• Accommodates 540 motors and most 550 based motors under 65mm length should fit inside the chassis. I am personally running the Tekin Pro4 HD 550 size motors and I highly recommend them!

• Carbon fiber chassis plates
• Titan 10º Caster Blocks with CF steering stops included!
• Carbon fiber tall shock towers (for stock LMT 130mm long shocks)
• Carbon fiber tower braces
• Carbon fiber sensor wire guard
• Carbon fiber servo brace spacer
• G10 electronics tray (bolt holes for Tekin RX8 and stock LMT Spektrum Firma or use servo tape as is typical application)
• G10 electronics tray mount
• G10 bottom chassis skid rails
• Aluminum upper 4-links of 75mm length for 13.5" wb. Upper links include 26mm length narrow rod ends to allow full suspension travel (Lower links require stock Losi LMT rod ends)
• Aluminum and carbon fiber lower trailing arms for 13.5" wb
• Aluminum Cross braces (Losi LMT cross braces also required)
• Black socket head screws
• Black locknuts
• Black spacers set
• *Shorty battery mounts as standard: 27 x 48 x 97mm
• Shock Bump Stops - bottom out bumper spacers/risers
• Link to instruction manual
• Team PRP decals

* Can use longer standoffs for full length 2S battery packs and some 3S Shorty packs. These optional standoffs are available separately.

Photo shows Ogre prototype and varies slightly from production model. Orange cap head washers shown in photo are for promotional purposes only and are NOT included in the kit.

NOTICE: TLR Tuned 4-link trailing arms and mega driveshafts have not been tested yet and are not yet supported. The sway bar position may be a problem with a long 15" wb. It will probably need longer sway bar rods or a different shock tower with the sway bar mounted further out. Which I could easily make available as an option. I will test TLR Tuned parts on this chassis and work on more option parts asap.

Future option parts planned but not yet released
• Lower cg fore or aft electronics trays
• Long Wheelbase kit
• Shock tower options
• Sway bar options

Check our shop for these great option parts .
• Short Shock Towers
• Body Mount Extensions
• Bear Hunter Shock Towers
• Titan CF Steering Linkage
• Titan 10º Caster Blocks with adjustable steering stops
• Carbon Fiber Servo Spacer
• FS Drag Link

Setup Tip: Trailing arms require more damping. I recommend trying thicker weight oil of 40 to 60 and LMT "red" springs or something even higher rate on carpet/turf smooth surface tracks.

Pricing and specifications subject to change while we continue to develop and advance our products.