Team PRP Fireball Type-R

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 Team PRP Fireball Type-R

Please read entire description thoroughly as this is a precise conversion kit for advanced hobbyists and racers with kit building experience.

The FIREBALL chassis conversion kit includes a wild, new, cross-over rocker arm suspension design which requires you to buy the Yeah Racing Big Bore Go 70mm shocks. They make red ones! Details listed below in "Required Parts". The shocks are protected by the use of adjustable droop stops/down travel limiters. The Fireball's standard wheelbase is 13.75" with wb option parts planned as a future release.

The FIREBALL comes with the new FAST (Fireball Axle System Tech) BTA front steering kit combining wrap over axle mount plates, triple aluminum braces per axle tube, bearing raced 1º toe out front steering link, adjustable carbon fiber and aluminum servo mounts. The FAST is a universal design that can also be used on the rear for 4ws with the rear wheel steering linkage. A rear lockout is included with the 2WS kit (front wheel steering) and with the FULL BLING kit. The rear lockout now comes with an aluminum rear lockout bulkhead!

Photos show prototypes. Allow for slight variations with production models. Red M3 washers shown in photos are NOT included in standard kit. Only the FULL BLING version includes red M3 washers.

Tamiya Clodbuster axles.
Yeah Racing Big Bore Go 70mm shock set part # BBG-0070RD in Red or part # BBG-0070BK in Black (2 sets required for 4 shocks)
Wheels, tires, body, body posts, electronics.

There are multiple options when choosing your kit!
• Sway Bar options: You have a choice to buy the kit with my hand made U-shape sway bars (see photo above) OR with mounting hardware to use Losi LMT sway bars (see photo above)*.
• Steering kit options: You have the choice to buy the kit with 2WS front wheel steering, or 4WS 4 wheel steering along with the choice of sway bar options.
🔥 FULL BLING 🔥 kit! See below for details.
There are 5 order options. Choose from the drop down menu carefully!
* LMT Sway bars are NOT included. I only include the mounts to attach LMT sway bars. LMT sway bars must be purchased separately.

• FIRST 10 kits include a numbered chassis plate and aluminum lower chassis bulkhead!
• Carbon fiber chassis plates
• Red aluminum chassis cross members
• M5x11mm x8 bearing supported carbon fiber rocker arms
• Carbon fiber icon brace
• FAST front BTA steering system with 1º toe out bearing raced linkage
• Rear Steer Lockout w/adjustable toe (FAST rear system included in 4ws option)
• Carbon fiber suspension towers
• Carbon fiber body post mounts (vertical post options may become available)
• Carbon fiber and aluminum rebuildable trailing arms/lower 4-links
• Carbon and aluminum front servo mount (4ws option available)
• Carbon lower tray mounts
• G10 upper and lower electronics trays
• G10 upper tray mounts
• G10 chassis skid rails
• Red aluminum upper 4-links
• Red aluminum push rods
• Black socket head screws
• Black locknuts
• Red aluminum spacers set
• Black Aluminum rear steer lockout bulkhead included in 2WS kit and Full Bling kit. (Lockout kits will be available separately soon)
• Low CG sway bar with carbon mounts or LMT sway bar mounts (Based on the kit you choose)
• *Shorty battery mounts as standard: 27 x 48 chassis cutout.
* Long full size 2S stick packs will fit with optional standoffs coming soon. 3S Shorty packs under 27mm tall will fit with custom size standoffs. More info on that specification will be available soon.
• Link to PDF instruction manual view support page to download manual.

• FULL FIRE BLING -Full Bling kit includes everything above plus: Aluminum lower bulkhead, electronics tray fan mount options, red anodized finishing washers, m5 black aluminum rocker arm screws, m5 red aluminum rocker arm nuts, red aluminum droop stop nuts, low CG sway bar and LMT sway bar mounts, front and rear steering kits and rear lockout!

BONUS FEATURES Optional parts that are sold separately at your favorite LHS and are compatible with the FIREBALL:
• Losi LMT upper shock chassis brace, see example
• Axial SCX10 frame brace with 35x70mm mounting holes
• We also offer carbon fiber suspension tower option parts that have mounts for Losi LMT sway bars. The LMT sway bar mounts can be ordered with your kit. Losi LMT sway bars are sold separately.

Kits come unassembled with link to pdf instructions.

Pricing and specifications subject to change while we continue to develop and advance our products.